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About Time - 2lb. Whey Protein Isolate - NON GMO
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If you have spent any time in the strength world– whether that be weightlifting, crossfit, power-lifting, bodybuilding, so on and so forth– you hold one sacred truth to be true above all else- Protein is King! You also probably know one of the easiest ways to worship this monarch is through protein shakes. In my four years of strength training, I have tried just about every protein powder in the game. Some taste ok. Some don’t mix well. Some are just outright wrong. Then there lie the few that actually taste amazing, but the ingredient list looks more like the periodic table, not really something I want to ingest on a daily basis.

I was determined to find a protein powder with as few ingredients and chemicals as possible, and I stumbled upon About Time. About Time protein powders have four little ingredients: Non-GMO cold processed ultra-micro-filtered whey isolate, natural flavors, xanthan gum, and stevia. They also don’t contain any sugar, gluten, lactose, or artificial sweeteners. Not only is what this protein doesn’t have amazing, but what it does: 25g of protein with only 100 calories. About Time protein basically checks off every box imaginable.

About Time doesn’t just stop at protein though. They have a whole line of natural supplements. I have tried several of their products now and since I love the products and this companies mission, I want to share my reviews:

*Disclaimer: I am NOT a paid spokesperson, this company just excites me.


Here is a list of the flavors I have purchased, ranked by taste:

  1. Banana (best by far!)
  2. Vanilla
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  4. Mocha Mint
  5. Birthday Cake (don’t even bother)

I have yet to try chocolate coconut, chocolate, cinnamon swirl, strawberry, orange creamsicle, or unflavored. That is just another great thing about this line– so many flavor options!

I highly recommend giving this protein a try. None of the flavors have caused stomach issues, and they all mix well with water. Just be careful when mixing with hot liquids, because they do curdle like typical wheys. One trick though is to mix the vanilla with a bit of water and then add some hot coffee. Hello, Power Latte!

Nighttime Recovery Formula

I came to this company for the proteins, but I am sticking with it for the “ZZ” blend. About Time ZZ is their nighttime recovery formula. A mix of micellar casein, coconut oil powder, tryptophan, and melatonin, it’ll send you to gainz city and dream land in one swift move. It’s available in chocolate and peanut butter. Honestly, the flavors aren’t that great and leave a bit to be desired, but I have a few tips to make them as delicious as they are powerful:

ZZ Cocoa

The great thing about casein protein is that it mixes well with hot liquid, unlike whey protein. I add a scoop of Chocolate ZZ to a mug of hot water and, BOOM, sleepy time cocoa. Adding some powdered peanut butter takes it to Reese’s cocoa, “perfect.”

ZZ Mousse

The greatest discovery I have made with this protein is that when you mix just enough water in, it takes on a creamy, mousse-like consistency. Add a bit of raw cacoa powder and almond extract to either flavor to make it even more decadent. Want to take it to the ultimate level of indulgence? Simply mix all of that together and stick it in the freezer for two-three hours, and you have yourself a heavenly protein ice cream.


Now typically I wouldn’t purchase a pre-mixed protein pancake, because did you know you can pretty much make pancakes with any protein powder and water? Oh you didn’t? Well get in the kitchen and make yourself a stack!

If you have returned, I’ll continue my review. So. . . I did not purchase a whole tub of the pancake mix, but the About Time website was having a deal on sample sizes, so I got two of those (BTW About Time constantly has deals, so be sure to keep your eyes open). I tried the cinnamon spice out. They cook well and turn out fluffy with sweet cinnamon taste. Unfortunately, that sweet taste comes at a price: 12 g of sugar. While they are still gluten free and 100 times healthier than Ihop, I just can’t get over all that added sugar. However, if I had to pick between regular pancakes and these, there is no competition. They serve up 20g of protein and only 290 calories. I have the chocolate chip waiting in the pantry for when I feel like a morning splurge.


About Time AUX is their pre-workout supplement, available in watermelon or passion fruit. Again, I got these as a samples deal, but have only tried the passion fruit, so far. Pre-Workouts are another one of those supplements where companies love to throw in random chemicals and sweeteners. Aux, on the other hand, has very simple and understandable ingredients. It energy sources are yerba mate, green tea, and B vitamins. These ingredients are great and all natural, but they are not quite as energizing as one would hope. I drank the passion fruit, whose flavor I can best describe as “earthy”, and didn’t feel the slightest boost in energy. I would recommend leaving this product out of your shopping cart.

But wait, there’s more!

I have tried a lot that About Time has to offer, but still have not scratched the surface of their product line. They also have a vegan protein, brownie mix, pre-mixed protein drink, fish oil, cleanse supplements, joint tablets, multivitamins, paleo snack bars, meal replacement bars, creatine, beta-alanine, melatonin gummies, and l-glutamine. They even have an apparel line! They are certainly the cleanest and most affordable line of supplements I have been able to find. Like I mentioned before, they offer a lot of deals and sales, so I encourage you to take advantage of some of those and try their products for yourself.

Have you already given About Time a try? Let me know what you thought in the comments. Or maybe you’ve found another clean protein line, I would love to hear from you!


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