We Are Missing the Revolution

Faces of the

Yesterday, I participated in the Spartan Workout Revolution. Ninety-nine gyms across the country took part in this hour long Spartan workout that was broadcast live via Facebook. A local facility in my area, the Compound, was lucky enough to be selected as a participating gym. The workout was free to anyone who wanted to register. Reebok (the owners of the Spartan trademark) even provided everyone with a free t-shirt, towel, bracelet, and Spartan sticker. It was a heart pumping hour, filled with plenty of burpees and the ABC’s (ape walk, bear crawl, crab walk). Aroo!

My Fellow Spartans

The workout had a large turnout. If I had to guess, I would say there were at least 50 people participating (disclaimer: I am terrible at estimating number of people, so there were probably 100.) This group was filled with diversity. People came from different backgrounds and even different fitness levels. However, there was group that I noticed was greatly underrepresented: the young. I, at 21 years old, was by far the youngest Spartan among the group. A few others may have been late 20s, but I would place the majority of the group at 40s and above.

Where are my millennials? The name of this Spartan workout tour was “Spartan Revolution.” It represented people across the country who are taking a stand and putting in the work to make themselves better human beings. Clearly, the millennials don’t have the same drive to make themselves better. We are missing the revolution. Not just the Spartan revolution, but the health and fitness revolution as a whole.

A Generation of Excuses

Supposedly, Millennials are more health conscious than our predecessors, but I don’t see it. We may be more likely to share a funny fitness meme or rock a pair of Lululemons, but we fail to put any of it into action. In my opinion, it is because we are not a generation of action, but instead a generation of excuses.

I have heard far too many excuses come from generation about why they don’t take the effort for themselves. “I don’t have time to cook or work out,” “Healthy eating is too expensive,” “I can’t afford a gym membership.” Enough! All of these excuses are invalid and simply perpetuated by laziness. Not having time is the biggest joke to me. Last semester, as a full time student with a job and internship, I worked out twice everyday and cooked myself every single meal. How did I do it? I timed, sacrificed, and prioritized. What are you doing at 6:30 in the morning? I’m going to guess sleeping. Well, that time is the perfect opportunity to get up and hit the gym. Yes, you may have to shut off the Netflix a little earlier the night before to get yourself out of bed that early, but it’s a sacrifice that will only make you better. Then for cooking, what are you doing on a lazy Sunday? I take that time to cook all of my meals for the week. On weekdays, I simply pop them in the microwave, and I am all set. Additionally, these healthy meals that I cook for myself are by far cheaper than going out to eat. If you purchase whole foods (chicken, vegetables, brown rice, etc.) and nothing processed or in a box, the price savings are apparent. The last excuse gym costs can be somewhat valid, but with a little sacrifice or creativity, it can also be squashed. Your personal health is the greatest investment you can make, so I think paying for a monthly membership is well worth it. Many gyms give student discounts, and if you are a student, I bet your school has free facilities for you to use. If you are still not willing to cough up the change, find free ways to get fit! You have already read about the free Pure Barre class I took, and this Spartan Workout was completely free (with the bonus of free swag!) Plenty of opportunities are out there.  Go for a run, find a workout on Pinterest, watch a youtube workout tutorial, fitness can certainly be free.

We Can’t Let Them Win

What happens when we let these elders join in revolution without us? We get left behind. Our generation will be suffering with diabetes, paying millions in health care, while Grandma is over there rocking her two-piece.

Although the difference may not turn that drastic, taking care of ourselves is that serious. So I don’t want to hear any more excuses, I want to see action, I want to witness a revolution! Let’s do it, guys. We owe that much to ourselves.


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