How to Avoid the Dreaded Man Hands

hand print.pngThe persistent (and ignorant) opinion towards ladies in Crossfit is that it causes us to shed our femininity and become big, bulky she-men. If you ask me, defined arms, sturdy legs, and toned tummies make women sexy, beautiful, and strong, both inside and out– anything but manly.

Unfortunately, there is one aspect of Crossfit that makes me feel a little less lady-like. The man hands. Now these hands are valiantly earned through hours of serious bar play, but let’s face it, the rough calluses and scabbed over tears are not cute. If you find yourself shirking handshakes or avoiding your manicurist out of embarrassment, here are my go to tools to making the hands a little less manish:

  1. Callus/Corn Shaver. This tool was recently recommend to me by one of my coaches. I picked one up at Walmart for $2.88. They are also available at Kroger and drugstores for a couple of extra bucks.  This little guy has worked wonders for me. It shaves the callus right down, eliminating the excess skin and the likelihood of a tear the next time you hit the bar.
  2. Ped Egg Foot File. Before the shaver, the Ped Egg was my go-to hand tool. I purchased an off-brand one at Marshall’s for $3.99. Official Ped Eggs typically run between $7 and $10. While Ped Eggs help smooth calluses, they do not completely eliminate them like the shaver can. The best method is to combine the power of both tools. Remove the callus with the shaver and polish the hand off with the Ped Egg.
  3. Hand Cream. Once you have buffed everything off, a good hand cream is essential to keeping the hands soft and smooth. I carry around a little tin of Nivea hand cream. Not only is it a quality product, but the size is convenient.
  4. Tape. In the healthy hand game, prevention is key. Using a quality tape during WODs can protect the hands from developing calluses and burns and can ensure you don’t worsen present rips. I always tape up my thumbs if using the hook grip for snatches or cleans. This prevents thumb burns and calluses, which given their location, can be awkward to shave down.
  5. Grips. Another great prevention tool are lifting/WOD grips. I highly recommend Jerkfit Wodies. Check out my full review here.

Healthy hands are so important. We need them to perform our best and to flip the bird at any haters that claim Crossfit ladies are anything but fabulous and feminine.

boy bye
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