Learning to Express Your(FULL)self

purnaYou might have noticed I have been slacking on my posting lately. I apologize, but I’m here in my apartment roasting food over an open flame and taking showers from the spray of an elephant’s trunk. Ok, not really, but it feels like I’m living in the Stone Ages. My neighbor moved away, and with her went the WIFI—my only connection to the outside world. Now in my little apartment I have no internet, TV, or data connection. I’m forced to hop from coffee shop to coffee shop and post up in the library to accomplish any school work and work reports. The time crunch following the hunt and the growl of my stomach usually only allow enough time to finish the most pertinent of tasks, leaving little time for leisurely writing/blogging.

It’s been awful. Not only am I missing my Netflix shows (tragic, I know), but it’s like I am missing a part of myself. I realized blogging is how I manage to express a certain side of me- the creative side. Without the opportunity to sit down and write, to come up with little anecdotes, and to create header images, I feel incomplete. Luckily, there is always time in the day for a little brainstorming here and there- so I came up with this post: I began to realize we are not just one singular self. We are each made up of individual aspects and personality traits that create our entire selves. So to reach the most fulfilling and purposeful life, we need to learn how to express that full self.

Express Your Active Self

Since this is a fitness blog, it’s only right that I begin with expressing your active side. The active side is the one where all your motivation lies. It wants to get up and conquer the world. I express mine through fitness throughout the day, whether it be Crossfit, running, yoga, Pilates, or even just riding my bike to class. Whenever I’m unable to express this side, I suffer the repercussions—feeling drained, lazy, and lackluster. If you experience these feelings, maybe you aren’t tapping into this “self” enough. Get up, move, and see how it makes you feel.

Express Your Intellectual Self

Right next to my demanding active side is my pushy intellectual self. I require a mental challenge. For instance, at previous jobs if there was too much downtime of standing and waiting around, I would go crazy. When I worked at an engineering company this summer, I had the grueling task of counting thousands of screws for inventory. But when a day came that I had no tasks to do, I was begging to count some screws. If you need more mental challenge in your life, find some classes, download a language app, or flip open the newspaper and fill in a crossword or Sudoku game. Do something to get those brain waves flowing to protect your sanity now and your memory later.

Express Your Spiritual Self

I am by no means a religious person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a spiritual side — a naturalistic side that desires to somehow be at one with the world. While some chose to express this self sitting on a pew, I chose to do it cross-legged on a yoga mat. Modern yoga may be far distanced from the philosophic and religious pursuit it grew out of, but there is still that aspect of recognizing your personal spirit and its connectedness with the world around us. Yoga doesn’t require you to live by any code of conduct or recite any scriptures, but it asks that you be present and grounded, just enough spiritual expression for me. 

Express Your Creative Self

We have returned to where this post began, at the creative side. I am a very unartistic person, so you may think that would limit my creative side. But when I am trapped in my apartment with no distractions or interactions, I truly realize the desire to create. I think of crafts I could do, furniture I could rehab, or blogs I could write, there is such a drive to build something to put something out into the world. If you feel the same at times (and you’re fortunate to have WIFI) I recommend heading to Pinterest and checking out craft and DIY boards. There are so many great ideas to get you creative and pass the time. And if you are artistically inclined, I hope you cherish that gift and express it whenever possible. 

Express Your Subdued Self

While we have all of these dynamic selves that wish to do and think and create, there also lies a more chill, subdued self. This self doesn’t need to accomplish anything. This self wants to sit back and relax. This self may sound the most appealing to some, but yet we seem to neglect it the most. When was the last time you really stopped and enjoyed the moment? Put down the cell phone, step away from the laptop, and take some slow, personal time. Take a nap, meditate, read a book, sit in the park and listen to the day pass you by. It’s not being lazy or unproductive, it’s expressing yourself.

Honestly, it feels so good to sit down and write this post. I wish for each post to contain a tid-bit of beneficial knowledge, but if you haven’t found anything useful in it, rest assured that it helped bring a bit of purpose back to me. Today, I worked out, went to class, did my job, read a book, went to yoga, and wrote this post. Each step a bit of self expression towards the gratifying goal of expressing my full self. 



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