Product Review: The WODBox

Imagine Christmas morning as a child: you barrel down the stairs, make a beeline for the tree, and tear into the glittery paper that stands between you and your spanking new toys. As adults, we are far less taken by the mystique of Christmas morning. Yet, I have found a little service which can replicate that feeling each month: the WOD Box. The WOD Box is a monthly Crossfit-goody subscription service. Instead of Christmas morning, I can experience my  enthusiasm on a random week day. Instead of a tree, I skip joyfully towards the mailbox. Instead of toys, the little box gets torn open to reveal supplement samples and gear.

The first time I received a WOD Box, the joy was just as I described above. I decided to try the service after seeing a Facebook post toting $3 off your first box. It seemed like a great deal: $18 for samples, gear, and apparel, all of which would amount to over that price on their own. The first box brought a t-shirt, protein and pre-work samples, paleo potato chips, and a few other such small treats. I was content with my purchase. Then the next month’s box showed up…. I had signed up for the one-month option, thinking it was a one-time deal. The website offers monthly, 3 month, and 6 month subscriptions. As the months go up, the price decreases. The site did not make clear that the one month would repeat. I quickly emailed the company and cancelled the subscription, because while the service was exciting, I wasn’t financially prepared to dish out $21/month.

So, I was without a WOD Box for several months. That was until I was feeling down one day and saw another deal on Facebook. My sadness and love of deals lead me to the impulse buy of a three month subscription. Never cry and buy!

So for three months, I again received my alluring little white boxes. Except, this time, they weren’t as exciting. Some drawbacks of these boxes: (1) I received the same supplement samples in multiple boxes, and didn’t enjoy them any of the times (2) The t-shirts were teeny tiny (3) I didn’t feel like contents amounted to $20.

If I had written this post last month, I would have ended it right there: writing off this company and warning against a subscription. But, the last box I received (pictured above) re-inspired my delight. It featured a nice LiveSore T-shirt, a delicious Protein Cookie and Buffbake spread, and a bunch of pre-workout goo. That’s the catch with subscription services like this, they can be very hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll get a great deal, like a whole tube of muscle-relief cream and a set of resistance bands. Sometimes you’ll get a box of sub-par pre-workout and a lackluster sticker.

The WOD Box is a fun way to sample different products and goods. However, every box will not be amazing, and you must decide if your willing to take the risk and pay for a subscription. Instead of buying a subscription for yourself, I recommend sending a box to a Crossfit junkie friend. They’ll love the thoughtful gift. Just be sure to cancel your subscription, once the time is over, or you will be charged again and again. Luckily, the site makes cancelling simple.

Have you ever signed up for a subscription box? Maybe one of the many Crossfit/fitness related one? If so, I would love to hear your experience. I wouldn’t mind getting that Christmas morning feel back again.


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