Happy Birthday (WOD) to Me!

14568165_1236355863052431_7087796031749561459_nYesterday, October 1st, was my 22nd birthday. Since I’m not really into the party hardy life, there was one thing I really wanted for my birthday: a kickass Saturday WOD. On Saturdays, my gym only offers a 9 am class. This class is an Open WOD, free to anyone who wants to join. Some weekends a couple of regulars stumble in after a rough Friday night and the enthusiasm is subpar. Other days, however, an energetic crowd comes in ready to attack the tougher-than-usual workout. I live for these Saturdays. Full of true companionship, peppered with intense competition. So, for my birthday, I wanted one of those Saturdays.

I told my coaches a week in advanced of the upcoming big day, so they could start concocting the fun. I also posted in our Facebook group, encouraging everyone to come out. I was desperately trying to avoid a repeat of last year. Then, my birthday fell on a weekday, and while I was still honored with a special birthday WOD, I was the only one that showed up to the 6:30 am class. No WOD is fun alone, and a birthday WOD alone is just depressing.

Thankfully, that was not the case this year. Although, most of the younger crowd wasn’t able to make it, my Crossfit vets had my back. Seven people showed up to show out with me, and Coach Jo fixed us up with a nice little chipper:

For Time *with EMOM

22 Wall Balls 20/14

22 Burpees

22 S2OH 95/65

22 Back Squats 95/65

22 Ab Mat Sit-ups

22 Pullups

*Every 60 secs, sprint 94 ft

The sprint made me apprehensive, worrying it would cause the workout14484787_1242695079128020_8722070809103447187_n to take forever given the constant interruption. However, 94 ft is easily managed. I finished the WOD in 10:02. If only it had been 10:01 to go along with the date.

After our WOD, we headed out to J. Christopher’s and rewarded ourselves with coffee, omelettes, and a complimentary birthday crepe.

I am so grateful for my family at Gorilla Crossfit, and especially my coach, Hal. He took the time to make my birthday special, and I got exactly what I wanted. That’s where Crossfit trumps so many other workouts. You don’t sign a membership and get some equipment. When you make the commitment to join, you receive guidance, encouragement, and ultimately, a family.


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