24 Hours, 24 WODs, 1 Cause, & 6 Tips


Photo from Gorilla Crossfit & Strength Training Facebook

The impendence of  Hurricane Matthew pummeling the Southeast coast, forced thousands to evacuate their homes. Many of the coastal dwellers hit I-16 or I-75 and landed in my city of Macon. The influx of refugees and the possibility that they would soon return to destruction, got my gym owner thinking. He wanted a way to do his part, so the 24for24 fundraiser was born. The fundraiser involved one WOD every hour for 24 hours. Anyone was invited to join in, as long as they brought a $20 donation. At the end of the 24 hours, Gorilla Crossfit  had raised over $1,000, all sent to the American Red Cross!

We are familiar with the benefits Crossfit brings to the body, but who knew it held the power to better the world. Our impassioned owner, Hal, and his co-captain Jo, organized everything flawlessly and remained in the by the box for the entire duration, squeezing in a couple of naps in chairs or Eos. Every WOD but one had participants; that means people were kicking ass at 2 or 3 in the morning. In fact, there was a group that camped out from midnight to 5 AM! The workouts were widely varied, involving every movement imaginable, and lasting anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes.

Participating in this event was truly the perfect day for me. I awoke at 5:30 and headed to my sanctuary (the gym). I stayed for three hours, completing three WODS, then headed to yoga in the park. After yoga, I returned to the gym for another five hours and five WODS, leaving after the 4:00 PM WOD. In between WODS, we all pow-wowed in the box, sharing stories and sneaking naps. A Vitamin Shoppe rep also showed, and we got ALL THE SAMPLES. The day was tiring, but it was also exhilarating– so much so, I was wide awake at 4:30 AM, and headed in for the final WOD at 5:00 AM.

Surprisingly, after completing 9 WODS in 24 hours, I did not feel like I got hit by a bus. Also crazy is the fact that during the day, I was getting PRs on workouts like Karen (150 wallballs) and Randy (75 snatches). Unlike a competition day, where I WOD for several hours and feel like death after, there was not pressure to go all out in the WODS, I could reserve a little bit of energy for personal posterity. If you ever feel the urge to embrak on a day of fitness for a fundraiser, or just for sheer fun, here are my tips to get you through the day:

  1. Hydrate. DUH. Doing any kind of drawn out physical activity requires hydrating with plenty of water, so this kind of thing is no exception.
  2. Supplement. While water is the liquid of life, when exerting yourself this much, it may not be enough. As I mentioned, the Vitamin Shoppe man was on hand, and one of his goodies was BCAAs that had electrolytes. You will sweat up a storm, and all those electrolytes need to be replenished.
  3. Eat. I am ashamed of how many baked goods entered our box doors this day. We had cinnamon buns, donuts, muffins, even a chocolate cake! If that’s how you like to fuel, more power to you. I stayed away from these treats, because my stomach would not have been happy, instead I chose whole foods like salad and chicken along with protein shakes to get me though the day.
  4. Stretch. As I mentioned, I took a WOD break to squeeze in an hour of yoga. I think this stretching pause helped me make it through the day.
  5. Listen. Your body may not be able to do multiple workouts in a day, and you need to be aware of that fact. Play it smart and listen to your aches and pains, if they are too extreme- stop doing it! It makes no sense to run yourself into the ground for the next week.
  6. Rejoice! If you are doing a day of fitness in your box with everybody, take a moment to appreciate those around you. Focus on the fact that you are surrounded by like minded people all working towards a similar goal, and let all other concerns or stresses slip away for a bit.

I am beyond proud of my box for hosting this event and raising so much towards the cause. If you have a cause you want to raise funds and awareness for, I highly recommend this method!


The Final WOD



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