What I’ve Learned After Two Years of Crossfit

anniversary.pngHappy two year anniversary, bae! Bae being my darling Crossfit, because when you can deadlift 255 lbs and RX , who needs a man? Throughout this blog I have shared tid bits of knowledge that I have picked up during this two year journey, but here I have decided to pull out five of the most important lessons:

Lesson 1: I’m a Baller

Crossfit has instilled so much self-confidence in me. I have accomplished things I never thought were possible. The girl who suffered through a five minute warm-up jog at volleyball practice can now finish a 10K with a medal. The girl who has always been shy and timid, can walk into any gym and scream and grunt with total strangers.

Lesson 2: Our Bodies are a Crazy Place

My body has gone through so many changes in the past two years. Every inch is either toning, growing, or shrinking; muscles I didn’t know existed ache; my stomach is always awaiting the next meal. I’ve learned how energizing a morning workout can be and how fulfilling a meal of chicken, rice, and broccoli can be after a grueling workout. Without a healthy and fit body, I wouldn’t be able to participate in the sport I love, so I appreciate it deeply.

Lesson 3: Shared Torture Binds People

I have gone on and on about my Gorilla family and the relationship I have built with those I workout with. The strangest part about these relationships we have built is that we are a random conglomerate. We come from different backgrounds, work at different jobs, partake in different activities when we step outside of the gym. We have very little in common, except the fact that we chose to come in day after day and absolutely torture ourselves, and this commonality has created lasting bonds.

Lesson 4: Snatches will Never be Easy

There is some debate on how long it takes to master a skill. Some say it can take up to 10,000 hours, others, only 20. Well, we can say I’ve done roughly 700 hours of Crossfit, and I am far from an expert. I’ve nailed some movements but still struggle dropping under the snatch or getting my elbows up in a clean. These movements are intricate and demand a high level of technique plus strength. I’ll probably never master the snatch, but I’ll hopefully get under a 100 pounds, soon!

Lesson 5: Crossfit is not Dangeorus

This lesson is the most controversial. I’ve discussed the safety of Crossfit before, because it is such a hot topic. I am here in all of my fit and whole-ness to prove that Crossfit does not mean sure destruction. I haven’t snapped my back. I haven’t suffered from any Rhabdo. The secret is to listen. Listen to your coach and listen to your body, and injury will be avoided.

If you haven’t begun your Crossfit journey yet, I stand here two years strong to encourage you to give it a try! If you are timid about doing it alone, drag a friend. If you think you aren’t in well enough shape, every workout can be scaled to your level. If you think you’ll blow out your back, refer back to lesson five. Crossfit is my bae, but I’m not the jealous type, I want to share it with everyone!




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