Soaking up the Moonlight & the Limelight

full-moon-yogaTaking your gaze to the moon last night, you may have noticed it shone with incredible size and majesty. In fact, this full moon was the largest  in nearly 70 years. What better way to mark the occasion, than a little moonlight yoga? Our local yoga advocate arranged a similar full moon flow in October, in which the moon decided not to make her appearance. I worried she may yet again be shy; however, she came out in full force. The spectacle rose above the park, bathing us in her radiance. Despite the cold, the warming vinyasa created comfort. Despite the screaming children and barking dogs standing nearby with telescopes, the focus of my practice drowned them all out. The mind clearing power of yoga is truly amazing. By focusing on your breath, your body, and how the two intermingle, the rest of the world melts away. I managed to hold on to this peace until the final namaste, then I grabbed my mat, not bothering to roll it up, and sprinted to my car to save my little toes from presumed frost bite.

The moon wasn’t the only spotlight that beamed down on me last night. I also had a brief stint on our evening news. A few weeks ago, a reporter came to my box to film a piece about crossfit safety. Since I’m one of our most dedicated members, who balances gym life, school, and work with no injuries, our owner chose me to be the interviewee. I adjusted my work schedule, and came to the gym apprehensive, but ready to spread some knowledge about the sport I love. I didn’t get the chance to share my insight, though. The reporter decided to take a new spin on the story, discussing kid’s safety in crossfit, rather than just general well-being. The one “kid” we have attending our gym, a 17 year old who joined about a month ago, got my screen time. Although she took my interview, the spot still shows me grinding and the headline photo depicts me nailing a jerk. The photo appears whenever the story is shared on social media, so I get plenty of exposure without having to open my mouth. I’ll take it.

Check out my moment of fame on 13wmaz.

The Headline Photo from 13WMAZ




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