Why Winter is the Ideal Time to Start Crossfit


After years of being underground, Crossfit has managed to break from the cold ground and blossom into the spotlight of the fitness world. If you haven’t yet become a part of the Crossfit experience, you may be contemplating where to start. Well while Crossfit enters this season of growth and popularity, most of us are entering our season of colder days. But cold weather shouldn’t send us away from the warm glow of Crossfit. With the drop in temperatures and the spike in holiday goodies, I encourage you to take advantage of this great sport.

Here’s why winter is the idealtime to start Crossfit:

  1. Stay Indoors. If you typically seek fitness in the outdoors by running or walking, you may be stumped on how to stay fit when the weather keeps you from heading out. Good news, Crossfit is indoors. There may not always be a heater in the indoor box, but don’t worry, you will work up quickly.
  2. Ward off the Winter Blues. The wintertime and holiday seasons bring plenty of cheer, but they can also bring some unwanted winter blues. Something about the colder temperatures and shorter days sends many of us into a slump. Fear not, because studies show that exercise is a great combatant against the winter blues. Let Crossfit be that form of exercise.
  3. Counteract Holiday Calories. The average person gains at least 10 pounds over the holiday season. We are bombarded with gingerbread houses, egg nog, and holiday hams. While, we can never out work a bad diet, breaking up the holiday eating with some intensive movement can help keep some of those pounds off.
  4. Get a Head Start on the Summer Body. Want rock hard abs once bikini season comes around? Well they’re going to take some time, so you better get started on that six pack now.
  5. Beat the Resolutioners. As soon as January 1st hits, the gyms are flooded with new members who have resolved to get fit in the New Year. You still have a little time to get signed up at a gym and learn the basic movements before everyone else rushes in.
  6. Just Do It! Winter is a great time to start Crossfit. Spring is a great time to start Crossfit. Summer, fall, you get the picture. Stop making excuses, and just give it a try.

If you have been thinking about starting Crossfit or are looking for a new, exciting, and transformative fitness routine, now is the perfect time to start. Make your winter season happy and healthier to create a better you for the year to come.


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