Why I’m not Doing the Open, but You Still Should

The final countdown to the Crossfit Open has begun. With less than 20 days until the official beginning of the Games season, the excitement is palpable. Everyone is scrambling to master their muscle ups, decipher Castro’s

open 2015.jpg
2015 Open

ominous clues, and stock their box with the (apparently) necessary dumbbells. I have been a registered participant to the pageantry for the past two years; however, I have made the decision not to register this year, for various reasons:

  1. I am not going to the Games. As Crossfitters, we have a lot of self confidence. We train day in and day out with the hopes that all of the sweat and misery will one day pay off when we are crowned the “Fittest on Earth”. In reality, very few of us are actually going to reach this elite status. I am humble and astute enough to realize that am not now nor will I be a -Dottir.
  2. I am really not getting anywhere near the Games. The Open can be a very sobering experience. You may be the absolute best in your box, maybe even your city and area. You upload your score to the Open leaderboard and incessantly refresh to watch how you compare to others. Suddenly, you are in the multi-thousandth place with women three times your age and half your size far above you in the rankings. Previous Opens have certainly put me in my place, literally and metaphorically.
  3. I bought too many inspirational tank tops. In Crossfit, you gotta pay to play. The gym memberships, the gear, the fancy recovery drinks, and especially the sweet tank tops that immediately inform everyone of your baller status. All of these purchases certainly add up, yet Crossfit wants more of your money by charging $20 to participate in the Open. With all of my other Crossfit related spending, I can’t justify spending more, especially when I am simply paying to be told I’m not as great as my tank top says I am.

Although I have decided not to do the Open this year, I still encourage others to compete. This event is the most exhilarating time to be a part of the Crossfit community. It allows everyone, no matter their experience level or abilities to participate and compete against people from all over the world. It reassures you that you are a part of something much bigger than your little box. You are a citizen of the Crossfit universe.

2016 Open Watch Party 

Even without registering, I still plan to be a part of the Open. I’m going to get nervous watching the workout announcements. I’m going to suffer through the WOD along my boxmates. I am going to bitch about the evil mind that is Dave Castro. I’ll be in the Open without actually being “in” the Open.

Whether you register or not, I hope you take advantage of the Open season. It is a means to build your gym relationships and push yourself to new levels. Let me know how you will be taking advantage of the Open season this year.



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