7 Valentine’s Date Ideas for You and Your Swolemate

A flood of pink and red has attacked the shelves of every store. Candy commercials run constantly touting the next heart shaped creation. Desperate singles are vigorously swiping right on Tinder to find any possible match. All of this can only mean one thing- Valentine’s Day.

February 14 is such a simple occasion, but it can cause a lot of anxiety. The spectrum ranges from the “Oh, crap I need a date” end to the “Oh crap, what do I get my date” side and is dotted with even more dilemmas, like “How many Hershey Kisses can I eat before it becomes a problem?” and “Should I give my mom something, too?”

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with all of your Valentine’s issues. I’m a fitness nut, not a love guru. What I can offer, is my fitness minded spin on the holiday: the perfect Valentine’s date ideas for you and your swolemate.

  1. Partner Yoga. Spread your mats out in the living room or find a studio that is hosting a partner class. Yoga allows you to connect your body and breath in order to create peace and energy. Imagine connecting that breath and movements with your significant other. Partner Yoga can foster an intimacy between the two of you like never before. If a deeper connection isn’t really your thing, then go for an Acro Yoga class. If you hear “acro yoga” and think of high flying acrobats, you aren’t are off. It isn’t as wild as it sounds though. Acro yoga involves a base and a flyer, supporting each other to achieve some impressive looking poses.  
  2. Partner WOD. Challenge other couples at your gym to a partner WOD. Pick something that’s intense and requires plenty of effort from both teammates. In the end, you will know who the real power couple of the gym is.
  3. Belay Rock Climbing. Rock climbing gyms are popping up everywhere, now. They are a challenging, yet ridiculously fun way to get in some exercise. Belaying involves one partner on the ground, providing tension on the rope for the other partner as they climb. Belaying requires a lot of communication to ensure a safe climb. Working on communicating and trying not to kill each other? Sounds like a great way to bond.
  4. Kayaking. Spend the day out on the lake or in river with your loved one. You’ll have to work together to move along, but then you can drift away without any distractions. Since the water is a little chilly in February, you’ll be even more incentivized to work together not to rock the boat.
  5. Hiking Trip. For something a little less intense, go for a scenic hike. Drive out to the local trails, leave the phones behind, and get lost in nature.  
  6. Healthy Cooking. Take a couple’s trip to the local market or choose the freshest ingredients from the nearby grocery; prep, chop, and cook side by side in the kitchen; and, enjoy your creation under candlelight.
  7. Cheat Day. Forget that you are gym rats for a day and make this Valentine’s day one where you cheat on everything but each other. Sleep in late, have breakfast in bed, lounge around the house, watch some Netflix, eat some candy and just enjoy being glutinous and lazy with the one you love.

Shared fitness can definitely manifest a strong bond between you and your loved one. Most of the above dates require plenty of cooperation, communication, and trust, all aspects for a successful relationship. So, if you are lucky enough to have a swolemate this Valentine’s show them some fit love!


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