How Long into Training Should You Wait to Teach a Yoga Class?

first class.jpgLast night, I truly brought “AMRAPS & Asanas” to life. I lead my first yoga class at the perfect venue, Gorilla Crossfit. Although I only just begun my teacher training, I thought it would be good to practice and our owner graciously allowed me test drive my teaching.

One of my biggest fears as I entered teacher training is that my timid nature would prevent me from being a proficient teacher. However, when I sat before my class and welcomed them to our practice, all trepidation washed away. As I instructed my students through the poses, the yogi-beginners followed my cues and nailed the movements. I felt so empowered for possessing a knowledge which I can share with others.

Of course, my class wasn’t perfect. I rushed a bit on a Sun Salutation A. Someone requested a pose I hadn’t pre-planned, so the cues were a little shaky. My music gave out half way through the practice. The execution wasn’t perfect, but perfection is overrated. The class felt real, it felt fun, it felt magical.

Since my music failed me, we were forced to savasana to the sounds of a nearby weightlifter. As the muscular man pulled down on the cables, he created a rhythmic clank each time he lowered the weights. The even sound of a sweet familiar noise brought more peace to me than any playlist ever could. I allowed my students to rest in their broken silence, hoping it would have the same effect on them.

After we pushed back in to a seated position and said our Namastes, my brave guinea pigs showered me with encouragement. I was worried the class would fail, ending my career before it ever started. Instead, my students wondered when I was teaching again and hoping it could be a bi-weekly occurrence.

I’m not sure when I’ll resume the teacher’s mat, but everyone at the gym seems to be eager for my return. I gained so much from getting in front of the class. I have a better understanding of what cues to use, when to add extra descriptions and stories, and how to form a cohesive class. Most of all, I have confidence: confidence to stand in front of others–all eyes on my, exposed– and lead them through a beautiful journey.

So I say, if you are also venturing in to yoga teacher training, go ahead and dive head first! Invite your friends, family, or go for complete strangers. Begin right away and  teach often to help you become comfortable at the head of the table.
just do it shia.jpeg



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